WATCH: Neil’s story. YOUTUBE ADVERTISEMENT VANCOUVER, B.C. — Filipino nurse Neil worked at ICU at the Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre in Abbotsford, an hour’s drive east of Vancouver. While he has been out for four months now, he is still facing a lot of issues, according to a close friend “It made COVID […] Find Filipino recipes, videos, and ideas from Food Network. Filipino definition, of or relating to natives or inhabitants of the Philippines; Philippine: Filipino immigrants living and working in Hawaii. See more. Filipino is the Hispanized (or Anglicized) way of referring to both the people and the language in the Philippines. Note that it is also correct to say Filipino for a male and Filipina for a female. Never use or say Philippino, because that doesn't sound right. The filipino is finding them! Part of the Cupid Media family of international dating sites, Filipino Cupid is one of the most popular dating sites in the Philippines. Many beautiful Filipino singles free on the site hoping to meet a online, which means philippines can start browsing profiles and messaging women before your trip. Filipino definition is - a native of the Philippine Islands.

/r/Filipino: All Things Filipino

2008.07.22 01:35 /r/Filipino: All Things Filipino

This subreddit aims to be a place for discussion about the Filipino race, the Filipino language, or generally about the Philippines.

2008.07.04 14:24 Philippines - all about the Philippines

A subreddit for the Philippines and all things Filipino!

2014.09.28 04:41 hapa666 Hapa & Eurasian Community: Asian Pacific Halfies

Hapa community for multiracial Eurasians, Blasians, Quapas, Hāfus (ハーフ), Hùnxuè'ér (混血儿), Luk khrueng (ลูกครึ่ง) honhyeol (혼혈), Tisoy, Amerasians (Mỹ lai). We also provide an anti-racist safe space for Halfies to share the unique identity issues experienced when racism & sexism comes not just from society but in some cases from our own family through White Patriarchy, White Privilege + internalized racism. We help empower part Asian Pacific offspring whose parents have shown racial insensitivity

2020.09.19 06:07 MKUltraExtreme There is a reason why third world countries stay third world countries..

They're not willing to let go of those very traditions that aren't practical for the present day or stand a chance when scrutinized.
I might be quoting the obvious here, but an idea that can't withstand scrutiny/criticism of any kind is perhaps not an idea that is worth following in any way, shape or form.
So what do logical people do? They set about improving it, keeping maximum benefits while minimizing negative consequences.
In third world countries, even if education is great, such wrong-think is met with a lot of resistance, worst case scenario physical harm or even death.
If education is stifling free-thought, speech and actions, was it great to begin with?
The least we should be doing is to find out who would stand to benefit from our complacency in this matter, because hint: it ain't us.
Being CF is one of the so-called wrong-thinks.
That essay about stereotyped Filipino families recently seen in this subreddit is not just an isolated instance, and there are striking similarities to this situation in many countries, including mine (India).
What is common in these countries is stark poverty, and even more striking is the complacent mindset of people. It's sickening after a while.
Thankfully things are changing, albeit slowly.
I believe it's up to us to be that change we want, come hell or high water.
Apologies for any grammar mistakes that might've crept in
submitted by MKUltraExtreme to childfree [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 05:38 RedditUser_YYZ Filipinos with foreigner SO, do you get stares ba whenever you go to the mall, restaurant, etc. How do you handle it?

Just curious. Tell me your story, including how you met and the challenges of being in an interracial relationship.
submitted by RedditUser_YYZ to CasualPH [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 05:38 TeoBirao Indie Game "Untitled Love" by a Filipino game Developer

Indie Game submitted by TeoBirao to u/TeoBirao [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 05:18 AutoNewsAdmin [PH] - Senator expects PSA to register all 90 M Filipinos for nat’l ID

[PH] - Senator expects PSA to register all 90 M Filipinos for nat’l ID submitted by AutoNewsAdmin to MBauto [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 05:04 Smash052 IM A PROUD FILIPINO MOOCHIE SIMP!!

IM A PROUD FILIPINO MOOCHIE SIMP!! submitted by Smash052 to Jesser [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 04:37 HiImAbighail Filipino families be like:

"Neither of us have a job, let's have a baby!"
18 years later...
"Sorry child, we can't fund your college fees. Don't worry there are jobs out there available for you while you're studying. We're also gonna ask your aunt, uncle, grandpa, grandma for financial assistance."
4 years later
"Give me your salary child! We're also going to live here in your house forever despite you having a family of your own otherwise we're going to call you an ungreatful foolish person!"
PS: I am not generalizing. This is just my observation of most filipino families, especially mine.
submitted by HiImAbighail to childfree [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 04:36 csalbert09 [Homemade] Filipino Arroz a la Cubana

[Homemade] Filipino Arroz a la Cubana submitted by csalbert09 to food [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 04:27 Tal_the_Fisherman03 Are Filipinos getting taller nowadays?

I noticed that Filipinos are quite taller nowadays, I am 6 feet tall because I've been consuming growth supplements since I was 3 years old. I see many girls out there who are 5'7 or 5'8. This is amazing hahaha
submitted by Tal_the_Fisherman03 to tall [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 04:20 winnernowimps Half Asian half white (Filipino) to be exact. 😘 more photos like this on my OF.

Half Asian half white (Filipino) to be exact. 😘 more photos like this on my OF. submitted by winnernowimps to halfasianbabes [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 03:55 iAmAllMight [27F] Constant Vomiting

Background information: Filipino, 5'1" , approx 125lbs
I have been experiencing episodes of vomiting consistently throughout the day since Saturday Evening(Around 6 days in total now).
I am running fevers up to 101.2f (highest so far), I am experiencing sore throat(was earlier than the vomiting and has been coupled with it ever since), nasal congestion, body aches, and it seems like when I move to quickly or too much especially after I try to eat something I vomit immediately.
I take a few things to relieve my symptoms; Aleve, Mucinex-D, and I have also been taking 1000mg of Vitamin C daily in hopes that it gives my immune system a boost.
I have tested twice for COVID and have tested negative both times.
I drink on rare occasions, I do not smoke, and I do not use recreational drugs.
Does anyone have any insight on what I'm sick with?
submitted by iAmAllMight to AskDocs [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 02:36 human_skin_ 22f recluse looking for older siblings and/or parents

Hello, forgive me if I come off as awkward, that's pretty much why I'm here. I come from a pretty dysfunctional family; my father left when I was five, my mother met drug-addicted violent stepfather when I was 7 or 8, and my mother herself was quite cold and cruel. My siblings and I attended homeschool and barely ever left home, leaving us with zero communication skills. I got into my first relationship when I was 18, it was online and I never let anyone know about it. Because I only learned to be submissive and subservient, I put up with a lot of mistreatment and cheating; I ended up becoming somewhat toxic myself as a result. We ended the relationship a few days ago, I hope for a permanent resolution this time but in the past I have come back to this relationship many times out of loneliness. After being kicked out by my mother, I went to live to live with my grandparents when I was 19, resulting even deeper loneliness.
I'm hoping to find someone who can lend me some guidance, maybe push me to do things that are good for me, and be a friend. Being the oldest child in my home, I was the one responsible for raising the children as my parents were often absent. As a result I didn't really have anyone to look up to or give me advice or a shoulder to lean on, but was forced to mature rather quickly. I'm at a confusing stage of trying to restore my individuality and feeling of autonomy, but I've come to the conclusion that I need to socialize and that I need help.
Tldr? I'm sorry if this is long or too much information to take in, so here's some tidbits of info about me in list form:
Very reclusive No social skills Neglected™ Parent to my siblings Absentee parents Struggles with relationships No friends™
Misc: Plays Xbox very often Watches a lot of YouTube, but practically no TV shows or movies INTP Possibly an age regressor? Mixed Filipino and Mexican Undergraduate--History, sociology, and humanities associates degrees Can't drive Loves sugar Tries to write and draw sometimes Low-ish self-esteem Loves philosophy/aesthetics Loves linguistics Loves learning Pale. Never goes outside
submitted by human_skin_ to FamiliesYouChoose [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 02:03 Mfsmm [EVENT] Philippines sees steep rise in COVID-19 related mortality as its President is confirmed positive.

Philippines sees steep rise in covid-19 related mortality as its President is confirmed positive

Manila - Daily Filipino coronavirus reported deaths have been ticking up recently, a trend medical experts are having difficulties to explain, given the current trend of infections.

New daily cases averaged a monthly high of 6,000 daily, a number that has risen the past few days, to 13% higher than the week before, data from Johns Hopkins University show. Health experts have said this trend follows the ones already seen across the globe, with many already calling it the “second wave”. However, unlike in other countries, where most cases pertain to the younger age bracket resulting in lower deaths, mortality figures have seen a steep increase, especially in younger patients. Many are already beginning to speculate a more dangerous strain of the virus was being transmitted, something the Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire declined: “We are working closely with our international partners and we have no information that such a strain exists.” These morality figures come at the same time as the current President of the Philippines was reported to be infected with the virus. Just recently, a large press meeting was conducted by the Presidential Palace, where Duterte was seen taking a Russian vaccine. At the time, the President starred another populist rant: “The sons of a whores of big western pharma wanted us to pay for vaccines at the price of gold! The Orangutan of America claims to drain the swamp from the Berberoka [swamp creature] of big pharma. Why is he paying them so much and preventing us from getting it at good prices? Thank god we have Russia for fair-priced vaccines!” He also took the opportunity to praise the Russian vaccine and pledging to “tour the Manila slums because of the vaccine immunity”. Days later, the news that he contracted the virus was reported by his own twitter account:
@realDuterte: I’ve been told by my staff that my weekly test came back positive. Apparently I got a placebo vaccine. INVESTIGATE!
When questioned about the situation, the team responsible for the vaccine deployment in the Philippines has said that the use of placebos is widely used on later stages of testing, and the President was just one of those that got the placebo.
submitted by Mfsmm to GlobalPowers [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 01:44 thegoldconqueror Filipino x Chinese x Spanish x British

Filipino x Chinese x Spanish x British submitted by thegoldconqueror to MixedRaceGirls [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 01:30 deeeeebaby Ethnicity Ranges

So has anyone ever looked at the possible range of their ethnicities?
All of mine say “it can range between 0 - some number” except for Spanish (21-26) & Filipino (11-18). So out of 14 different ethnicities, 12 of them could potentially be 0? I know it’s not likely that it’s 0 but the ranges are huge. For example for Portugal, it could be between 0 and 20.
submitted by deeeeebaby to AncestryDNA [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 00:47 SupaFugDup WTW for the class of prefixes like as Anglo-, Russo-, Sino-, etc.

These prefixes exclusively end in O's, describe countries, and are most commonly used for the names of wars or unions. They simply mean "of or relating to country", and so are typically synonymous with national demonyms (Greek) or adjectival forms (Hellenic).
A bunch of examples of what I mean: Greco-, Anglo-, Italo-, Russo-, Franco-, Luso-, Filipino-, Sino-, Hiberno-, Austro-, Perso-, Serbo-, and Ibero-. Surely with this many examples a word exists to describe them specifically, or at least describe the grammatical origins of them.
submitted by SupaFugDup to whatstheword [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 00:15 Neckza How the war between LV13 and LVC Rollin 60's Crip started in Daygo

Basically LV13 and LVC were a unified gang at one point. Multiracial gang including blacks, mexicans, samoans, and asians mainly cambodians and laos, few filipinos and alllattt. Things changed in the early 80s when The mexican mafia sent a order tellin them to kick out black gang members. Some were coo wit it (the racist ones) Some were not (the non racist ones) so the ones that weren't coo wit it broke apart and formed LVC Rollin 60's. Just shows how powerful la eme is especially since this is probably the only black on mexican gang rivalry in san diego county, (not including oceanside, oceanside politics alil diff).
submitted by Neckza to CaliBanging [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 00:03 lunawonder08 If my dad is Asian then why does are his eyes a different colour than typical Asians?

Hey, so I always wondered why this was. My dad is Filipino and Filipino/Southeast Asians are associated with having very dark brown eyes (almost black looking) and very dark hair. However, my dad's eyes are actually more hazel (I've seen his eyes in the direct sunlight and was amazed at how light they were compared to the typical Asian eyes and in some light they can look greenish/golden its pretty cool considering that he's Asian)
  1. Is this trait actually more common in Southeast Asian than East Asians
  2. Is it possible to have hazel eyes in Asians without any European lineage? From what I know my dad is full Asian.
submitted by lunawonder08 to TooAfraidToAsk [link] [comments]

2020.09.18 21:10 Warm-Tradition4306 AITA for kicking my friend out from my house during a get together?

Throwaway because my friends know my reddit account.
So my boyfriend and I (both 23M) have been living with each other for almost a year now and dating for 3 years soon to be four (less then a week away!). We had met during a Korean language class in school and we connected and well we've been together since.
So for more info, I'm Korean-Canadian and my boyfriend is Filipino/Japanese-Canadian. The majority of my friends are Korean and one of them lets call her B (25F) has never liked my boyfriend despite the attempts to get to know her, she would always freeze him out, make him feel unwanted and was downright rude even though he has been nothing but nice to her. We all just tried to make sure that she didn't say this often but she got too comfortable with her words and I regret that I let that happen.
We decided to have a small get together at our house to celebrate my birthday last weekend and some of my friends were able to come to the house as such. My boyfriend was the one that conducted this whole thing, made all the food I liked and made sure to make enough food for everyone to take home (everyone was excited since he can make Korean food much better then I can).
B the entire time was silent the entire time. Making pointed remarks every now and then, from the food not looking good to how we should of had a party at her place with just our friends (pretty sure my bf was not included in that part) and said that since it would have been at her place I wouldn't have to have my Filipino maid with me.
She said that loud enough that everyone kinda stopped to look at her. My bf had laughed as if it was a joke but I knew he was hurt at that comment.
So I just plainly told her if she can't respect my boyfriend in OUR house where OUR friends are, she can leave. She made a few more remarks saying to my bf that the food was disgusting before leaving.
Since then all my friends have been on our side saying that she was the one that was at fault and racist. My bf said that he appreciated it but had grown use to the comments but is more worried that I lost a friend then his own feelings. B has since ghosted everyone and is twisting the story and a few people have come to me saying that I am TA.
submitted by Warm-Tradition4306 to AmItheAsshole [link] [comments]

2020.09.18 19:02 carawompwomp It's important for me to let the world know the Philippines has great content creators, and Filipinos can be attractive too! It's cool to know they have my back as the Top 4 country that listens to my audios. It's a great time to be featured in! TYSM! ^_^

It's important for me to let the world know the Philippines has great content creators, and Filipinos can be attractive too! It's cool to know they have my back as the Top 4 country that listens to my audios. It's a great time to be featured in! TYSM! ^_^ submitted by carawompwomp to Cardlinaudio [link] [comments]

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2020.09.18 18:32 MushiMangoes Hello! I’m an incoming G12 student from the Philippines who needs to save up for my school requirements. For Filipinos out there, I hope we could help each other! Thank you :)

Hello! I’m an incoming G12 student from the Philippines who needs to save up for my school requirements. For Filipinos out there, I hope we could help each other! Thank you :) submitted by MushiMangoes to commissions [link] [comments]

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Mayong Buntag/Hapon/Gabie... Magandang Umaga/Hapon/Gabie Philippines :).... This channel will document my #BecomingFilipino journey. #BecomingFilipino is an ... Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! My name is Vanjo Merano. I am Filipino Information Technology professional working in the United States. As a huge fan of the Fil... We cover living dual life in the USA and the Philippines. We share our travel, building, boat and truck projects in both places. Our channel does not have on... We have picked the top 5 Filipino romance movies that you have to watch. The movie industry of the Philippines is filled with a lot of romantic love stories.... Watch the Best and Most Popular Stories in Filipino. i.e : Ang Tatlong Biik, Si Hansel at Si Gretel, Ang lobo at ang pitong batang kambing, Ang Pangit na Bib... Tagalog Pinoy Movies Tagalog Movies Latest 2020 Filipino Movie 2020 Tagalog Pinoy Movies Tagalog Movies Latest 2020 Filipino Movie 2020 Tagalog Pinoy Movies ... 5'4 Geometry Dash Deity Tyreek Hill Trae Young Faze Mongraal Hog Rider uh poopoo stains Whatever u want me to be Note: This Video is edited from original